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Aram Han Sifuentes PEACEFUL PROTESTER Tote Bag

$ 40.00

Julia Arredondo's QTVC Live! is what's next in art commerce! QTVC Live! understands that artists must create merchandising opportunities, and art lovers are searching for creations that align with their interests and senses. It is with that in mind that moCa presents the QTVC Live! x moCa collaboration. moCa's refreshed artist-focused store creates space for artists to connect with their supporters and offers a new retail experience to Cleveland's creative community.

About the artist:

Aram Han Sifeuntes's practice questions the ways in which immigrants can find safety in a system that doesn't provide it. As an artistic response that expands upon her Protest Banner Lending Library, she has developed a new tote bag, produced in collaboration with moCa, that provides peaceful protesters with language to use to exercise our constitutional rights if we are ever confronted by authorities such as police or I.C.E. 

About the bag:

As the first item for sale in QTVC Live's partnership with moCa and a part of Getting to Know Aram Han Sifuentes, this bag, made out of reflective fabric, is printed with text that supports peaceful protesters. This bag is meant to be used and will show a little wear the more you take it out.

Price includes shipping.

Profits from sales of Aram Han Sifuentes' Peaceful Protester bag will be split between the artist (40%), moCa Cleveland (40%), and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (20%). 

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