Cable Keeper

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NEET Cable Keeper 36” inch reusable zippered cable tie cord wrap sleeve organizer management.

  • ORGANIZE IT - Zip, Wind & Loop. Zippered Cable Tie makes storing mobile device cables easy. Zips on Stays on means there is no additional piece of equipment to keep track of since the Zippered Cable Tie always remains on your cables.
  • GRIP IT - Helps reduce everyday wear & tear from damaging tangles & snagging. Reduces strain on cable tip by gripping onto tables and desks.
  • SEE IT - Add a bit of flare, personality & identity with over 11 vibrant color options. Easily identify between your cables and those belongging to famiily or friends. Made from a durable polyester fabric sleeve and matching zipper.
  • SHAPE IT - Use it as a cell phone stand, wear it as a bracelet and much more.
  • TRAVEL WITH IT - Lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you go! Designed for the active lifestyle and the business professional. Easily wrap and organize cables to prevent damaging snags.

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